Because we put a lot of work into planning each trip, it does take a while. We only make private, custom plans, and we only work on a certain number of them at a time. Please note that we don’t set up group trips that people can join. Instead, we only offer full, personalized packages that include lodging, transportation, meals, local guides, a driver, an in-country host, and meals.

Custom Morocco Tour

We might be a good fit for you if you are going to be moving for more than eight days in-country in six months or more (at least four months). Please let us know if you book your trips through word of mouth. Before you use our “contact us” page to make your first connection, please read what’s below.

How it works to book your custom Morocco Tour with MTA

When you first get in touch with us, we’ll send you some emails with useful information about Morocco and how to start planning your trip. We’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible with a personalized answer (usually in two weeks). We will schedule a time to start working with you on your full route if we are a good fit for you. During this time, we’ll also send you information on our $250 nonrefundable plan design deposit. This allows us to give our full attention and energy to you and your plan. If you book through us, this payment will go toward the cost of your trip. If you decide not to book with us, we will provide you with a well-planned route that you can use independently or elsewhere.

No matter if we can’t help you plan your trip, we hope that our blog and travel book are useful to you! If you’re a travel agent, please know that we’re not looking for new partners right now. Please send us an email if you run a great foreign tour company that plans FIT or small-group trips at least ten months in advance.

How our Pricing Works

Our custom Morocco tour are primarily focused on having great, uplifting experiences and meeting interesting people in Morocco. We charge more for our trips than other companies do for a variety of reasons. We have limits on both the number of tasks we can do at once and the number of trips we can take each month.

What this means is that each trip gets the focus, care, and great execution it deserves. We should pay our team a “thriving” wage, which goes beyond a mere living rate. It’s great that most of our team members not only work for us but also have their own businesses that are doing well. We believe we are the best at service and adventure travel in Morocco, so we charge a fair price for our and our team’s knowledge.

We don’t charge “per day” for our trips, but this is one way to look at the usual cost. Our moderate trips cost between $400 and $600 per person per day. Our high-end trips cost between $700 and $900 per person per day. Additionally, our high-class trips can cost $1000 or more per person per day. As long as the prices are fair, we can usually meet everyone’s needs in this area. Kindly keep in mind that we do not provide a detailed list of costs.