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Casablanca Morocco Trip AdvisorCasablanca

Casablanca City

Casablanca, known as Morocco's economic heart, attracts travelers for a variety of reasons. Here are some reasons why visitors enjoy exploring this vibrant city:

1. Economic Center: Casablanca is Morocco's economic powerhouse, with a thriving business area and contemporary infrastructure that reflects the country's economic success.

2. Tourist Attractions: The city offers a mix of modernism and tradition. Tourists travel to see prominent landmarks like the Hassan II Mosque, one of the world's largest mosques, which is known for its spectacular architecture and beachfront location. The Corniche, a gorgeous beachfront area, is another favorite destination for leisurely walks and panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean.

3. Cultural richness: Casablanca's cultural environment is thriving, with art galleries, theaters, and museums displaying Moroccan tradition and contemporary art. Mohammed V Square, with its colonial architecture and vibrant ambiance, is a cultural hotspot.

4. Food and Dining: Casablanca is a popular destination for foodies. The city has a wide variety of dining alternatives, from traditional Moroccan cuisine to foreign delicacies. Visitors may enjoy traditional foods such as tagine, couscous, and fresh fish served with real Moroccan spices.

5. Restaurants: Casablanca has a thriving restaurant scene, with options ranging from street food sellers selling tasty snacks to expensive restaurants offering gourmet dining experiences. La Sqala, serving traditional Moroccan cuisine in a historic setting, and Rick's Café, inspired by the iconic film "Casablanca," are popular restaurants.

The Morocco Trip Advisor Agency lists Casablanca as one of its top destinations, emphasizing the city's attraction for visitors seeking a mix of economic vibrancy, cultural experiences, and culinary treats.

Rabat Morocco Trip AdvisorRabat

Rabat City

Rabat, an imperial city of Morocco, attracts visitors due to its abundant historical and cultural legacy, picturesque landmarks, and delectable gastronomic encounters. Reasons why Rabat is a traveler's favorite:

Tourist attractions and visual encounters

1. Situated in an elevated position above the Atlantic Ocean, the Kasbah of the Udayas is an ancient fortress that offers awe-inspiring vistas, meandering pathways, and authentic Moroccan architectural design.

2. Hadassan Tower: An architectural marvel of historical significance, this unfinished minaret protrudes from the debris of a mausoleum and mosque, serving as a testament to the abundant Almohad legacy in Rabat.

3. The Chellah Necropolis is an oasis within the city, featuring Roman ruins, gardens, and stork colonies that contribute to its tranquility.

4. The regal Palace of Rabat: Although not accessible to the general public, the palace's splendor and architectural design are visible from the exterior, providing an insight into Morocco's regal heritage.

5. The vibrant flowers, fountains, and rare plants of the Andalusian Gardens create an idyllic haven perfect for an afternoon promenade or a peaceful supper.

Food and Restaurants

Rabat is renowned for its dynamic culinary landscape, which tantalizes the senses with an assortment of international and traditional Moroccan fare. Here are a few restaurants and delicacies that you should definitely try:

Méchoui Alley

Recognized for its delectable roasted lamb (mechoui), this medina alley is a favorite of both tourists and residents.

Le Dhow Restaurant

Situated atop a boat along the Bouregreg River, this eatery provides a distinctive gastronomic encounter accompanied by panoramic vistas and a menu showcasing delectable Moroccan fare and seafood.

La Sqala Restaurant

Situated in a garden setting within a former fortress, La Sqala serves delectable Moroccan fare in an endearing ambiance.

Street Food Delights

Venture into the souks and narrow passageways of the medina to sample authentic Moroccan street food, which comprises delectable pastries, grilled meats, and invigorating mint tea.

### Agency for Morocco Travel Advisors

Rabat is one of the primary destinations covered by the Morocco Trip Advisor Agency, which provides customized itineraries and knowledge regarding the city's most notable dining establishments, monuments, and cultural achievements. The travel agency has the ability to arrange an indelible experience, catering to various interests such as historical excursions, culinary explorations, and the lively markets of Rabat.

Meknes Morocco Trip AdvisorMeknes

Meknes City

Meknes is a popular destination for visitors to Morocco's imperial towns because of its historical charm, cultural diversity, and culinary delights.

Meknes' rich historical significance, magnificent architecture, and lively culture entice visitors. Among Morocco's imperial cities, Meknes provides a window into the nation's traditional charm and royal past. Here are some of the reasons why travelers adore Meknes:

The UNESCO World Heritage Site Meknes Medina is a labyrinth of winding lanes, humming marketplaces, and ancient structures from the 17th century.

Bab Mansour

This imposing scale and elaborate tile work of this magnificent city gate make it a marvel of Moroccan architecture.

Maulay Ismail Mausoleum

A stunning example of Moroccan Islamic art and design, this mausoleum is the last resting place of the influential Sultan Moulay Ismail.

Heri es-Souani

These enormous stables and granaries demonstrate the city's engineering prowess and were previously a component of Moulay Ismail's royal compound.

Meknes Royal Stables

During Moulay Ismail's reign, these stables housed thousands of horses, serving as an additional testament to his majesty.

El Hedim Squar

El Hedim Square, a vibrant meeting spot with shops, cafes, and street entertainers, provides an insight into local life.
The Dar Jamai Museum is a historical exposition of traditional arts and Moroccan antiquities housed in a 19th-century palace.


Though it is officially outside of Meknes, history buffs should make the short drive to this old Roman city.

Meknes is renowned for its mouthwatering Moroccan cuisine, which includes tagines, couscous, and pastilla, a savory pastry.

Local Restaurants

Riad Yacout and Restaurant Amandine serve traditional Moroccan fare. Little restaurants and food stands line the medina, offering regional specialties like pastries, fresh fruit juices, and grilled meats.


Marrakech City

Marrakech's rich cultural legacy, lively environment, and breathtaking views are reasons why tourists adore to visit. The city's intriguing fusion of old customs and contemporary charm draws travelers from all over the world.

The famous Djemaa el-Fna square is one of Marrakech's top draws; it's a hive of activity where you can see traditional musicians, snake charmers, and street artists. Nighttime finds the area alive with food vendors serving a range of mouthwatering Moroccan fare, making for a vibrant and sensory-rich setting.

Another must-see is the medieval Medina, a UNESCO World Heritage site full of colorful souks (markets), tiny lanes, and architectural marvels like the Bahia Palace and the Koutoubia Mosque. Through shopping for traditional crafts, spices, and textiles, the Medina offers visitors the chance to fully experience the history and culture of the city.

The Majorelle Garden, a peaceful haven in the center of Marrakech, will be home to the Yves Saint Laurent Museum, vivid blue structures, and unique plants for nature lovers. Perfect for leisurely walks and taking in the beauty of the plants, it's a calm haven from the rush of the city.

Foodies will find heaven in Marrakech. The city's varied culinary scene blends Moroccan traditional food with cosmopolitan tastes. Among the foods you really must try are Moroccan mint tea, pastilla, couscous, and tagine, a slow-cooked stew. Restaurants such as Le Foundouk, Nomad, and Dar Moha serve great Moroccan food in stunning settings, enhancing the overall dining experience in Marrakech.

Personalized tours and insider knowledge of the top sites to see, eat, and discover in Marrakech are available from the Morocco Trip Advisor Agency, which includes it among its main attractions, guaranteeing an unforgettable and educational vacation.

Fez Morocco Trip AdvisorFez

Fez City

Fez's combination of historical charm, cultural experiences, and delectable cuisine makes it a captivating destination for tourists visiting Morocco.  Tourists are drawn to Fez for its rich cultural heritage, historical significance, and vibrant atmosphere. Here are some reasons why Fez is a popular destination:

  1. Fez is renowned for its well-preserved medieval architecture, including the UNESCO-listed Medina of Fez. The medina is a maze of narrow streets, bustling markets (souks), and traditional crafts, making it a fascinating place to explore.
  2. Visitors often admire the stunning Madrasa Bou Inania and Madrasa Al-Attarine, which showcase exquisite Moroccan architecture and intricate tilework.
  3. Fez is home to the world's oldest continuously operating university, the University of Al Quaraouiyine, founded in 859 AD. It has a rich history in Islamic scholarship and attracts scholars and history enthusiasts.
  4. The city is famous for its artisan workshops, where skilled craftsmen produce traditional goods such as leather goods, pottery, carpets, and metalwork. Tourists can visit these workshops to witness the craftsmanship firsthand.
  5. Fez is a culinary haven, offering a variety of Moroccan dishes. Must-try foods include the flavorful tagines (slow-cooked stews), couscous dishes, pastilla (a savory pastry), and the iconic mint tea. Restaurants like Restaurant Dar Hatim and Cafe Clock are popular choices for authentic Moroccan cuisine.
  6. The Morocco Trip Advisor Agency prominently features Fez in its tours. Their tours often include guided visits to historical sites, cultural experiences, and culinary delights, making Fez a highlight of the trip.

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