We appreciate you considering using Morocco Trip Advisor for your trip to Morocco! Please carefully read the information below.

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  • Morocco Travel Advisor organizes private, customized Moroccan tours and activities. We restrict the number of trips we work on at any one time because we are a small, specialist team. Please use the form below to contact us if you intend to travel for more than eight days inside a nation and are traveling six months or more (a minimum of four months) from now. If you’ve heard good things about us or have returned, please let us know.
  • Please completely fill out the form below. Some automated, educational emails will follow up. If you would like to opt out of receiving these emails (which will teach you how to begin organizing your vacation with us), do let us know. Two weeks after you first emailed us, we hope to have responded to you personally.
  • Should we be a suitable fit for you, we will arrange a time to start working with you on a comprehensive schedule. If you decide to book with us, we will also inform you about our nonrefundable Itinerary Design Deposit ($230 total, not per person), which we will apply to your final payment. More information about how we create itineraries is available here. We regret to inform you that we are not currently looking for new partnerships with travel agencies. If you are an incredible outbound tour operator and plan FIT or small-group trips ten months or more in advance, please email us.