The top 6 wonderful tourist areas in Morocco
Last Updated: December 21, 2023

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Morocco Tourist areas you should discover in your Tour with Morocco Trip Advisor. They are special places that mix old traditions with modern living. It’s located where Africa and Europe meet, offering a blend of colors, cultures, and landscapes. The busy marketplaces carry echoes of the past, and the huge sand dunes of the Sahara seem to go on forever. Morocco proudly displays its rich history and amazing scenery. Come with us to discover its core, uncovering stories in cities, mountains, and deserts—these are the 6 best places to visit for an unforgettable adventure in North Africa.

6 Best Tourist Areas in Morocco

Morocco is a special place where Africa and Europe meet. It’s got a lot of interesting things to see and do, like exploring its unique culture, history, and beautiful scenery. The country has traditions that go back hundreds of years, and there are amazing buildings to check out. You can visit busy markets in Marrakech or enjoy the calm beauty of the Sahara Desert. This guide will show you the best eight places to visit in Morocco for an awesome adventure. Come discover the rich culture, long history, and stunning landscapes of this North African gem.

Discover Morocco’s beautiful places! From busy markets to amazing deserts, Morocco is a mix of history, cool buildings, and stunning nature. This guide looks at 6 awesome tourist spots, giving you a taste of what makes Morocco special.


Marrakech: A Tapestry of Colors and Culture in Morocco


The Bustling Medina of Jemaa el-Fna

In the lively city of Marrakesh, there’s a special place called Jemaa el-Fna. It’s right in the middle of the city and full of exciting things to see, hear, and smell. This square is like a small world where old traditions and new ideas come together in a happy way. You can feel the beat of traditional music and see colorful market stalls that make you feel like you’re really experiencing Marrakesh’s culture. When the sun sets, Jemaa el-Fna becomes even more magical, with storytellers, musicians, and sellers all coming together to create a scene that takes you back in time and makes you appreciate the history and culture of this North African city.


Majestic Palaces: Bahia and El Badi in Morocco

In Marrakesh, a city with a lot of history and culture, there are two old palaces that show Morocco’s imperial past: Bahia and El Badi. These palaces take visitors back to a time of greatness. Bahia Palace is a stunning example of Moroccan and Islamic architecture, with beautiful gardens, courtyards, and decorated rooms. El Badi Palace, which used to be royal, now has large ruins that tell stories of centuries ago. Both palaces share Marrakesh’s royal history, welcoming travelers to experience the splendor of a past era.


Gardens of Paradise: Jardin Majorelle and Menara in Morocco

In the lively city of Marrakech, the Gardens of Paradise are a special place. It tells a fascinating story through Jardin Majorelle and Menara Gardens. These gardens are like beautiful paintings that mix history, culture, and nature in a magical way. Jardin Majorelle is filled with bright blue colors and unique plants, carrying the memories of Jacques Majorelle and Yves Saint Laurent. On the other hand, Menara Gardens has a pool that reflects the surroundings and an old olive grove, showing the lasting beauty of Moroccan craftsmanship. Exploring these Gardens of Paradise is like stepping into a world of colors and smells, where the beauty of nature and cultural history come together.


Chefchaouen: The Blue Pearl of Morocco


Wandering Through Azure Alleyways

In a city with blue-painted buildings, Azure Alleyways is a fascinating place with hidden stories in its cobblestone paths and mysterious corners. Walking around here feels like being in a dreamland where reality and imagination mix. The sunlight shines through the blue overhead cover, giving a warm glow to the twisting paths and sparking curiosity at every corner. Step into a world where you can explore and discover something new in each blue alleyway.


Morocco Rif Mountains Views: A Photographer’s Delight

In northern Africa, you’ll find the Rif Mountains, a stunning natural wonder that’s perfect for photographers. With its rolling peaks and green valleys, it’s a beautiful place with lots of light and shadow, making it a dream for anyone who loves taking pictures. From sunrise to sunset, the Rif Mountains provide a different and always amazing view, giving photographers the chance to capture the magic of the landscape in wide-angle shots.


Morocco Sahara Desert: A Surreal Odyssey of Endless Dunes


Erg Chebbi: Dazzling Sand Dunes at Sunrise and Sunset

In the middle of Morocco, Erg Chebbi is a stunning sight as the sun goes up and comes down. The sand dunes in Erg Chebbi are famous for their beauty. They stand tall like guards, and their golden grains move as the light changes. When the first sunlight touches the desert in the morning, it creates a beautiful play of shadows and colors in the sky. And in the evening, when the sun says goodbye, it makes long shadows that give Erg Chebbi a magical feeling. Time seems to go by slowly, and the sands tell stories of a desert that has been there forever. Explore the amazing beauty of Erg Chebbi, where every sunrise and sunset is a chance to see how amazing nature is, in one of the most interesting places in Morocco.

Stargazing in the Desert: A Night Sky Extravaganza

Under the big sky of the Moroccan desert, something amazing happens. Astronomers and dreamers are fascinated by a magical journey into the Sahara. The quiet desert dunes hear the wind and stories from a long time ago. When the sun goes down, the stars come out, creating pictures in the night sky. Come with us to see how the beauty of the universe meets the timeless charm of Morocco’s desert.

Essaouira, Morocco: Coastal Charms and Artistic Vibes

The Allure of Essaouira’s UNESCO-listed Medina

On the Atlantic coast of Morocco lies Essaouira, a special place with a rich history that’s recognized by UNESCO. People call its old town the Medina. It’s a charming place with a lot of history. Essaouira is known as the “Wind City of Africa” because it’s pretty windy there. The city has a mix of cultural traditions and is full of art. If you wander through the narrow streets, you’ll find lively markets. There are old walls that protect the city from the strong waves of the ocean. The air is filled with the smell of spices mixed with the salty breeze from the sea. The Medina is a place where the past and present come together. It’s a lively part of local life and has received recognition from UNESCO, showing that Morocco’s coastal charm has lasted a long time.

The Port of Essaouira: A Hub of Maritime Activity

Situated on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, the Port of Essaouira shows off the country’s maritime history and economic strength. It has a really long history, and this place mixes old traditions with modern business in a lively way. Essaouira’s location is important for trade, and it has a big impact on its culture. The waves from the Atlantic Ocean make the port a doorway for Morocco’s maritime dreams, welcoming ships from far away. In this lovely place, history and business come together, making Essaouira special and full of life.

Gnawa Music Festival: Celebrating Cultural Rhythms

In Morocco, there’s a festival called the Gnawa Music Festival that celebrates traditional rhythms. This music has a deep history, connecting to mysticism and ancestral roots. The festival happens against the beautiful backdrop of Morocco’s landscapes and brings together different musical styles. As the sun goes down, it turns into a rhythmic journey, bringing people and artists together for a special experience. The festival, set against the mesmerizing cityscape, is a lively celebration of cultural rhythms that echo the soul of Morocco.

Morocco Atlas Mountains: Majestic Peaks and Berber Villages

Ourika Valley: A Picturesque Escape Close to Marrakech in Morocco

In the Atlas Mountains, you’ll find the Ourika Valley, a beautiful getaway close to Marrakech, Morocco. It’s a serene place with terracotta villages on the hills and the calming Ourika River. Just 30 kilometers from Marrakech, this hidden spot lets you explore waterfalls, gardens, and Berber culture. It’s a perfect mix of nature and tradition, giving you a peaceful retreat in Morocco. The Ourika Valley is a break from busy city life, offering tranquility in the midst of Berber culture.

Toubkal National Park: Flora and Fauna Amidst Peaks

Toubkal National Park is in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains. It has beautiful landscapes, and Mount Toubkal is really tall. There are lots of different plants and animals living in the tough land, creating a diverse ecosystem along the hard trails. When people go up, they see a mix of plants and animals that make the park special. Colorful wildflowers cover the mountains, and hidden animals live in this tough sanctuary, making Toubkal National Park a wonderful natural place.

Tangier Morocco: Gateway to Africa’s Northern Shores

The Tangier Kasbah: A Historical Citadel

In Tangier, Morocco, there’s a place called the Tangier Kasbah. It’s like an old fortress that has seen a lot throughout history. It’s on a hill and gives a great view of the Strait of Gibraltar. This ancient citadel has a rich past, starting as a Berber fortress and later becoming an important trading center. The Tangier Kasbah has a mix of different influences that played a part in shaping North Africa. The buildings are really detailed, and you can see amazing views from there. The stories of battles and people living together are all part of this special place in North Africa, inviting people to discover Morocco’s interesting past.

American Legation Museum: Bridging Cultures Across Time

In the heart of Morocco’s capital, you’ll find the American Legation Museum. It’s like living proof of the strong connection between the US and Morocco. This special place started way back in 1821 and is the very first US diplomatic mission outside the country. Over time, it became a bridge that connected our cultures. When you visit, you get to learn about how the US and Morocco have been friends in diplomacy, shared their cultures, and made history together. The museum has old things saved from the past, and it lets you see how these two different worlds come together, making friendships between different cultures.

Tangier’s Beaches and the Caves of Hercules

Nestled by the beautiful shores of the Strait of Gibraltar, Tangier in Morocco is a mix of amazing nature. The sunny beaches with golden sands and blue waters are perfect for a peaceful getaway by the sea. Away from the calm shores, the Caves of Hercules have stories from a long time ago, surrounded by myths and legends. This North African place is like an open book where the land and sea come together, showing a picture of beauty. Tangier is full of culture and ancient stories, making it a fascinating place for those who love to explore.


After finishing our trip around Morocco’s cool places, the country mixes old stories with new energy. In Marrakech, the small streets and the big Sahara Desert show different parts of Morocco. Every place you visit reveals Morocco’s amazing beauty. Make smart plans for a really great experience.


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