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Last Updated: May 14, 2023

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The city of Erfoud in Morocco seduces travelers with its unique charm and stunning landscapes. The city is located in the heart of the Sahara desert and provides a gateway to wonderful desert experiences. Erfoud is famous for its fossil-rich terrain, where fossils and quarries attract paleontologists and paleontologists from all over the world. The annual Erfoud Festival of Dates celebrates the area’s abundant palm groves and showcases traditional music, dance and delicious cuisine. Visitors can also explore the nearby Erg Chebbi sand dunes, embark on camel treks, or indulge in relaxing spa treatments using the local mineral-rich mud. Erfoud’s blend of natural wonders, cultural festivities and Sahara desert adventures makes it an attractive destination for all.

About Erfoud city

A vast oasis, is the capital of Tafilalet, which is located north of Rissani, the birthplace of the Alaouite dynasty. Erfoud is a city where some traditional adobe homes remain. It is located at one of the two extremities of the Ziz road, through the 1928 Foreign Legion-dug Foum Zabel tunnel.

Erfoud becomes the “date capital” in October. The Guetna River animates the city for three days. The festival marks the end of the harvest. Thousands of visitors are attracted by folk dances and contests for the most attractive dates. Since 2010, this festival has been the international dates exhibition.

Erfoud city is among the final settlements before the desert

This city also provides a favorable environment for European space research. Indeed, the topography of the site and the reception conditions are conducive to many experiments. Several European robots have managed to traverse the sandy and rocky terrain in this area. In addition, in geological and topographical terms, this region is in many ways similar to Mars.

Erfoud is also a huge fossil depository and one of the largest fossil markets. This peculiarity is explained by the presence of a 500-million-year-old sea at this site. As it declines, it has marine fossils. And dinosaur skeletons dating back 65 million years there. As well as fossils in the stone extracted from the quarries to use it in the manufacture of ornamental items.

Erfoud city, “the capital of dates”

Why not visit Erfoud and its palm plantations while traveling through southern Morocco?

This charming town lies at the foot of the High Atlas on the road of a thousand kasbahs in the heart of the desert. It is an ideal base camp for exploring Morocco’s desert, which is home to countless breathtaking vistas!
The French were the first to establish themselves in Erfoud in order to monitor the Tafilalet Valley’s rebellious tribes. The town flourished due to the thriving trade in marble and dates. It is also famous for its 360 million-year-old marine fossils (coiled goniatites, orthoceras, trilobites, etc.)!

Observing Erfoud city

Anyone passing through Erfoud is required to tour the area’s marble quarries. Numerous businesses in the region specialize in the extraction and refining of fossilized rock. Fifteen kilometers south-east of the city are the deposits of Goniatite, an extremely valuable fossil-rich black marble!
Borj East: The view from the summit of this boulder, which overlooks Erfoud and the surrounding oasis, is breathtaking! The Tizimi palm grove stretches indefinitely along the Ziz and Rheris rivers. The first sand dunes, tinted pink by the setting sun, are visible in the distance. There is a mystical and peaceful moment here.

Excursions encompassing Erfoud

A few kilometers from the Fezna oasis, explore the plain of Marha. In the midst of the desert are three monumental works by the German artist Hannsjoerg Voth: the celestial stairway, the golden spiral, and Orion’s city. The site is beyond description!

Take the N13 north from Erfoud to reach Ksar Maadid, a picturesque fortified village on the road of a thousand kasbahs. In close proximity to here is the An Al Ati spring, an extraordinary desert fountain!
Follow the Rissani road south of Erfoud through the landscapes of the Reg and the palm plantations of the Tafilalet Valley. Merzouga and the border of the Chebbi Erg are located fifty kilometers after Rissani.

Erfoud is 20 kilometers north of Rissani, 280 kilometers south of Ouarzazate, and 320 kilometers south of Meknes. You have the option of taking a shared vehicle or taxi or traveling independently.

Tourist appeal

Its surroundings are breathtaking arid landscapes in which the oasis’s greenery blends with the rocky terrain and rocky mountains on all sides. Due to its resemblance to the planet Mars, this region is of interest for scientific research. This ecosystem’s aridity has made it a popular location for Hollywood spectacles such as The Prince of Persia (2010) and The Mummy (1999).

The city was founded as a military fort during the French Protectorate. It was established as a garrison to govern the region, and its inhabitants have frequently clashed with the military. In this era, two tiny fortresses dominate the city from the hills of Borj Est and Borj Sud, which also provide breathtaking views of the palm grove.

In addition to being the administrative center of the province of Er-Rachidia, it is a major tourist hub and gateway to the desert. As a result, it has many hotels of high quality.

There are also the requisite garages, gas stations, etc., for all-terrain vehicles that travel the roads in Tsarina.

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